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Digital Identity

The digital identity is managed by the core component of the FORUS technology known as Key Server

Digital identity is a core component of the solution, and provides a platform for privacy and data protection. The digital identity platform enables permissioned access to personal data.

The digital identity is managed by the core component of the FORUS technology known as Key Server. It also manages the digital identity of the user through its Key Storage component.

A user’s information can be stored by Text, QR Code, digital images, audio, and video format with multiple signatures to ensure the integrity of the user’s data. With functionality ready to implement KYC services as per the compliances.

The digital id data access is permission-based and can be delegated on as needed / as allowed basis. It expands on digital ID interoperability by providing REST API services for the banking and business partners to share the digital identity for verification and validation of the users.

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